Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

The Tamil National Army also known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were formed after the failure of many years of peaceful demonstration by Tamil leaders in order to win their freedom from the successive Sinhala majority governments, which showed no concern for the Tamil grievances. Under the leadership of Mr. Velupillai Pirabakaran, the LTTE was founded on May 5, 1976 to achieve what had become unachievable by peaceful methods in over 28 years.

Since then, the LTTE has grown out to be a massive army with the whole hearted support of the Tamil people and now has thousand of brave soldiers, with a Naval wing that has become a formidable one in the sub continent. And as the racist policies of the successive Sinhala governments subjects the Tamil civilians to more and more hard ships, the LTTE has become the army that the Tamil people can look up to in order to put an end to all the troubles and win back the Tamil's homeland, Tamil Eelam.